• We have new products

    Cyber Risk and Legal Protection: Identity Theft, Online Shopping, Cyber Risk, Theft of Payment Instruments

    Nowadays, the number of individuals exposed to cyber crime is dramatically increasing. For this reason, it is important to create a sense of social awareness on cyber crime.
    Today, the most common cyber crime can be referred as"identity theft"

  • We have new products

    Career Coaching

    A new service from IPA for university students, new graduates, job seekers and whom wants to remodel his/her career: Career Coaching.

  • Corporate Responsibility Project

    Corporate Responsibility Project: Equipment Support to Mother-Child Hospital At Goban

    Corporate Responsibility Projects are managed as “global” at IPA. Because, aim of IPA is to create effective, permanent and helpful soultions instead of temporarily solutions. During the creating these solutions to make employees participate with their moral support rather than financial...

Who Are We ?

Since 1989, Inter Partner Assistance Turkey, with its international experience, has been providing assistance solutions to its corporate customers. An AXA Group entity, with the advantage of more than 25 year experience...