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We have new products

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Cyber Risk and Legal Protection

(Identity Theft, Online Shopping, Cyber Risk, Theft of Payment Instruments)

Nowadays, the number of individuals exposed to cyber crime is dramatically increasing. For this reason, it is important to create a sense of social awareness on cyber crime.

Today, the most common cyber crime can be referred as "identity theft".

What is Identity Theft? It refers to the situation without your knowledge, a third party obtains your ID details and uses them to sign cheques or bills, to receive bank loans, to use on internet operations, to establish a company and all the activities and conditions that is defined as a crime against the laws.

Facing such a situation may cause psychological and spiritual harm to the individuals, may cause financial loss or it could also lead to a way that may end up at prison if the individual can not prove his/her innocency.

Cyber Risk and Legal Protection product provided by Inter Partner Assistance secures you against cyber crime with the below coverages:

  • - Legal Protection
  • - Identity Theft
  • - Online Shopping Protection
  • - Theft of of Payment Instruments
  • - E- reputation

It is time to take your guard against cyber crimes increasing all over the world!